Destaco’s RD Series of roller dial index drives are designed with a robust, flexible design with superior load capabilities.


Roller Dial Index Drives offer superior load capabilities making them ideal for medium to high torque applications. Other features include:
  • Universal mounting including horizontal mounting ideal for trunnion applications
  • Center thru hole facilitates passage of electrical wiring, pneumatic lines or mechanical linkages
  • Short camshaft motion periods are well-suited to continuous running applications or for special motion requirements
  • Available with custom motions such as oscillating motions
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output_overturning_moment_capacity_inlb_english 109000
Internal Inertia (lb-in²) 3201
b10_torque_capacity_inlb_english 29286
Height To Mounting Surface (in) 14
Center Distance (in) 10.5
Maximum Inertia Load at 60 indexes per minute (lb-in² x 1000) 2020
Output Radial Capacity (lb) 15800
center_thru_hole_diameter_in_english 4.75
Internal Inertia (lb-in²) 3201
Output Overturning Moment Capacity (in-lb) 109000
center_distance_in_english 10.5
output_radial_capactiry_lb_english 15800
Output Thrust/Axial Capacity (lb) 10800
Maximum Torque (in-lb) 31894
B10 Torque Capacity (in-lb) 29286
mounting_surface_diameter_in_english 13.75
Center Thru Hole Diameter (in) 4.75
maximum_torque_inlb_english 31894
Maximum Inertia Load at 30 indexes per minute (lb-in² x 1000) 7093
Mounting Surface Diameter (in) 13.75
output_thrust_axial_capacity_lb_english 10800
height_t0_mounting_surface_in_english 14
Height To Mounting Surface (mm) 355.6
output_overturning_moment_capacity_nm_metric 31.899
center_distance_mm_metric 266.7
Maximum Inertia Load at 60 indexes per minute (kgm² x 1000 ) 0.591
Internal Inertia (kgm²) 0.937
Internal Inertia (kgm²) 0.937
height_t0_mounting_surface_mm_metric 355.6
output_radial_capactiry_n_metric 70310
Center Distance (mm) 266.7
output_thrust_axial_capacity_n_metric 48060
B10 Torque Capacity (Nm) 3309
center_thru_hole_diameter_mm_metric 120.7
b10_torque_capacity_nm_metric 3309
Imperial or Metric Product Imperial
Maximum Torque (Nm) 3604
Output Radial Capacity (N) 70310
Output Overturning Moment Capacity (Nm) 31.899
Maximum Torque (Nm) 3604
Mounting Surface Diameter (mm) 349.3
Output Thrust/Axial Capacity (N) 48060
Center Thru Hole Diameter (mm) 120.7
Maximum Inertia Load at 30 indexes per minute (kgm² x 1000 ) 2.076
mounting_surface_diameter_mm_metric 349.25
Stops 16
Product Series 1301RD
Product Function Rotary Positioning
DistributorGroup Camco Indexers & Conveyors
Family RD
Motion ms
Accuracy (arcsec) ±39
Index Period (deg) 330
Base Model 1301RD16H56-330
Smart Number Motion Spec G
Product Type Flange Output
Output Flange
Repeatability (arcsec) ±10
Series 1301RD
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