Manual Clamping
Destaco’s M Series of flat-tip, bonded neoprene spindles are designed to increase the functionality and efficiency of your manual clamps.


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Length (in) 2.48
Cap Width (in) 0.83
Cap Width (mm) 21.0
Thread (mm) M8 x 1.25
Length (mm) 63.0
Product Type Clamp Accessories
PublishedDate 1691695063000
Product Series Clamp acessories
Accessory Type Flat-Tip Bonded Neoprene Spindle
Used With Model/Series 2007-U|2007-UB|2007-UR|2007-UBR|207-U|207-UR|207-UL|207-UB|207-ULB|507-TU|207-TUL|207-UF|207-I-L|207-UB-L|91090|317-U|2027-U|2027-UR|227-U|227-UB|227-U-L|227-UB-L|225-U|225-UR|225-UB|307-U|307-UR|807-UE
Product Function Clamping
DistributorGroup Workholding (Manual, Power and Hydraulic Clamps)
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