Manual Clamping
Destaco’s 6015-M Series straight line action clamps are the smallest of the solid base straight line action clamps. They feature a compact design combined with high holding capacity and allow the handle to fall below the mounting plane to then lock in retracted position.


Smallest machined cast base plunger clamp
  • Smallestsolid base straight line action clamp
  • Compact design with high capacity
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Weight (lb) 0.33
Plunger Height (in) 0.5
Plunger Travel (in) 0.7
Maximum Holding Capacity (lbf) 560
Imperial or Metric Product Metric
Plunger Height (mm) 12.7
Weight (kg) 0.15
Plunger Travel (mm) 17.8
Maxmum Holding Capacity (N) 2500
Ef:Af Exerting Force: Applied Force ((pushing/pulling)) 35:1
Spindle Included? No
Product Type Standard
Toggle Lock Plus Yes
Spindle (Recommended) 205203-M
Base Mounting Style Flange
Requires Articulation yes
Product Function Clamping
Plunger Round
Plunger Thread M6
Standard Material Steel
Product Series 6015
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