Light-Duty Pneumatic Clamping
89E - Threaded Body Style Pneumatic Swing Clamps - Metric


These proven, reliable designs are useful in a wide variety of applications including welding and assembly. Metric threaded bodies can be mounted in a tapped hole or athrough hole for recessed mounting. Clamping arm can be positioned 360 degress radially.
  • Lightweight and robust, designed for several million cycles
  • Clamp arms and accessories sold separately
  • Maximum operating pressure 8 bar (120 psi)
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Product Details Unit View:
Weight (lb) 0.93
Vertical clamp stroke (in) 0.39
Air Consumption (per double stroke at 7 psi) (in³) 0.008
Stroke during rotation (in) 0.43
Vertical clamp stroke (in) 0.39
Stroke (in) 0.83
Cylinder Bore (in) 1.25
Stroke during rotation (in) 0.43
Clamping Force @ 5Bar[72Psi] (lbf.) 79
Clamping Force @ 5Bar[72Psi] (N) 350
Stroke during rotation (mm) 11
Stroke during rotation (mm) 11
Cylinder Bore (mm) 32
Stroke (mm) 21
Vertical clamp stroke (mm) 10
Air Consumption (per double stroke at 5 bar) (dm³) 0.22
Weight (kg) 0.42
Vertical clamp stroke (mm) 10
Sensor Ready No
Swing Direction RH
Replacement Seal Kit 89B/E32-2-00
Air Port size G-1/8
Requires Articulation yes
Product Function Clamping
Mount Threaded Body
Product Series 89E