Tool Changers
Destaco’s RTP Series of modular, robot tool changers are designed to allow the two halves to couple at up to a 0.1” (2.5mm) gap.


Our modular robot tool changers lead the industry with a full product line covering up to 1200lbs [545Kg]. A wide variety of utilities are available to quick disconnect, I/O, air, water, weld power, servo power, vacuum lines.
  • The RQC series offer a high level of flexibility accommodating up to 4 optional modules to be picked up among a wide choice
  • The 6 rollers patented mechanism provides a low stress, highly rigid locking capability
  • The design allows the two halves to couple at up to a 0.1" [2.5mm] gap and to be safe in case of air failure"
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Max Moment (in-lb) 30000.0
Weight (lb) 4.2
Max Payload (lb) 1200.0
Weight (kg) 1.9
Max. Payload (kg) 550.0
Max Moment (Nm) 3390.0
Product Type Flexible Automatic
Product Function Robotic Tooling
PublishedDate 1675357717000
Product Series RQC / RTP
DistributorGroup End Effectors
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