Brand Pillar: Insightful

Industry: Automotive/ Transportation

Product Lines: End Effectors, Lightweight Tooling

Related Product(s): Accelerate Lightweight Tooling
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Our customer, an automotive body panel manufacturer, now runs both steel and aluminum body panels down the same press line.  Through this process, the proximity switch that communicates with the robot controls, senses when another part is available to pick up and transfer.   Our customer realized that now with the new, higher tech proximity switches having a much higher sensitivity to aluminum, they were receiving false readings on part availability due to the switches sensing the aluminum mounts and not the parts to be transferred.


DESTACO developed a proximity switch mount made of plastic, allowing the proximity switch to detect the next part available accurately.  The DESTACO Accelerate® Plastic Proximity Switch Mount is made from lightweight, high-strength, glass filled nylon material.  It has the strength to withstand the force put on it from mounting a switch and moving at high robot acceleration and deceleration rates.  This customizable solution is the only one of its kind able to be used with sensors for both steel and aluminum sheet metal panels.


The DESTACO Accelerate® Plastic Proximity Switch Mount allows press lines to run seamlessly at optimal efficiency regardless of the material being handled.

DESTACO has developed three sizes: 40 mm square prox, 18 mm round prox and 3 0mm round prox. The mount is designed with an industry standard, quick-change 19 mm apple core to adapt to any brand of swivel arm.  Or, use the DESTACO snap-on ball mounts offered in sizes 28.5mm and 32mm ball diameters.


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