Safety Characteristics Of Destaco Manual Clamps

DESTACO has been designing and building toggle clamps since 1936, when we patented the first one in the industry. From that day forward, we have been the innovator, adding many styles and versions to improve our product line of clamping devices. As safety concerns became more prevalent, we added safety tabs on our linkages to help eliminate potential pinch points on our vertical handle hold-down clamps.


In the 1990’s we further enhanced our product line by introducing a dozen different models in our line of Toggle-Lock Plus manual clamps. As we listened to the voice of our customers, who were looking for even safer toggle clamps to use in their applications, we brought this next level of innovation to the industry. This feature provides an additional locking lever that helps ensure over-center locking of the toggle mechanism, and to provide an added safety factor to help protect the employee, machinery and equipment, and the product being clamped.


When should you use the Toggle-Lock Plus option?

  • When there is not enough clamping pressure or an opposing force to keep the clamp in the over-center position

  • When there is vibration present in the application

  • Anytime there is a chance of accidental opening

  • Overhead applications

  • When an added safety factor is desired

As safety is the number one objective for every manufacturer, we continue to add more and more clamping device models to our portfolio to meet the demands of the marketplace. We now have 147 different Toggle-Lock Plus models in carbon steel and stainless steel versions of our most popular models. They are available in our vertical hold-downs, horizontal hold-downs, heavy-duty hold-downs, pull action latches, and straight line action clamps. (also known as “push/pull” or “plunger type” clamps)

Using our Toggle-Lock Plus is an affordable way to improve manufacturing processes and enhance safety protocols.

Browse our line of manual clamps below or contact our experts today to share your application goals!

How to Find the Most Suitable Manual Clamp

Along with the type of fixture - it's important to consider your required holding capacities, the size of conditions in/around the fixture, and the desired action needed by your clamp to perform the required task.

Straight Line Action Clamps
  • Forward movement of handle pushes plunger into forward position
  • Can be push/pull clamp, locking in two positions
  • Holding capacity 100 - 16,000 lbs.

Vertical, Manual Hold-Down Clamps

  • Handle is vertical in clamped position
  • Holding capacity 100 - 5,000 lbs.
  • Opening angle between 65° and 215°

Squeeze Action Manual Clamps

  • Flexible clamping and fixturing
  • Also equipped with quick release lever
  • Holding capacity 100 - 2,000 lbs.
Horizontal, Manual Hold-Down Clamps
  • Very low profile
  • Handle is horizontal in the clamped position
  • Holding capacity 60 - 1,000 lbs.
  • Opening angle between 90° and 105°

Manual Latch Clamps

  • Convenient one-hand operation due to the patented thumb control lever
  • Compact models
  • Holding capacity 200 - 7,500 lbs.
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