Small Payload Robot Tooling

DESTACO’s 360-VN-3 vacuum sensor are used for Micro-Tool Palletizing Solutions.


Vacuum Sensor

MicroTool Palletizing End Effectors provide a truly customized off-the-shelf end effector solution for palletizing, packaging and transfer applications. Microtool Palletizing End Effectors uses the length and width of a carton to easily determine if an “H” or “I” end effector structure is suitable for the application. The solution requires the carton to not exceed a weight of 10kg.

Selection tables define the kits needed to build a complete system. Kits include all tools and hardware with complete, easy to follow instructions.

ARV® - the original, patented Auto-Release Venturi offers users the fastest vacuum and blow-off in the industry with single line operation, integrated blowoff and built-in exhaust silencer. The ARV Vacuum Gripper mounts directly to all 10kg ISO 9409-50 robots. An optional vacuum sensor ensures that the part is properly gripped by the ARV Vacuum Gripper.

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Product Details
Used With Model/Series Vacuum Grippers|Microtooling
Sensor Ready NPN
PublishedDate 1693337916000
Product Type Vacuum Sensor
DistributorGroup End Effectors
Connector 3 Pin Pico 8mm
Product Series Micro-Tool Palletizing Solutions
Product Function Robotic Tooling
Rated Vacuum Pressure Range 0 to -29.5 inHG [0 to 100 kPa]
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