Small Payload Robot Tooling

DESTACO’s CPI-PAT-10T-14 tubes are used for Micro-Tool Palletizing Solutions.



MicroTool Palletizing End Effectors provide a truly customized off-the-shelf end effector solution for palletizing, packaging and transfer applications. Microtool Palletizing End Effectors uses the length and width of a carton to easily determine if an “H” or “I” end effector structure is suitable for the application. The solution requires the carton to not exceed a weight of 10kg.

Selection tables define the kits needed to build a complete system. Kits include all tools and hardware with complete, easy to follow instructions.

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Product Details Unit View:
Tube Diameter (in) 1.00
Length (in) 14.0
Weight (lb) 0.33
Wall Thickness (in) 0.085
Diameter (in) 1.0
Length (mm) 355.6
Tube Diameter (mm) 25.4
Wall Thickness (mm) 2.16
Diameter (mm) 25.4
Weight (kg) 0.15
Tube Size 1.00 in
PublishedDate 1693337916000
Material Aluminum
Product Series Micro-Tool Palletizing Solutions
Product Type Tubing, Thin Wall
Used With Model/Series Microtooling
DistributorGroup End Effectors
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Product Function Robotic Tooling
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