Mechanical Rotary Indexers

Destaco’s RD Series of roller dial index drives are designed with a robust, flexible design with superior load capabilities.


Roller Dial Index Drives offer superior load capabilities making them ideal for medium to high torque applications. Other features include:
  • Universal mounting including horizontal mounting ideal for trunnion applications
  • Center thru hole facilitates passage of electrical wiring, pneumatic lines or mechanical linkages
  • Short camshaft motion periods are well-suited to continuous running applications or for special motion requirements
  • Available with custom motions such as oscillating motions
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Product Details Unit View:
output_thrust_axial_capacity_lb_english 1600
mounting_surface_diameter_in_english 4.25
Mounting Surface Diameter (in) 4.25
output_radial_capactiry_lb_english 2700
maximum_torque_inlb_english 3306
output_overturning_moment_capacity_inlb_english 5800
Maximum Torque (in-lb) 3306
b10_torque_capacity_inlb_english 2825
Output Overturning Moment Capacity (in-lb) 5800
Output Radial Capacity (lb) 2700
Internal Inertia (lb-in²) 25
Internal Inertia (lb-in²) 25
height_t0_mounting_surface_in_english 8.5
Center Thru Hole Diameter (in) 0.81
center_distance_in_english 4.25
Center Distance (in) 4.25
Output Thrust/Axial Capacity (lb) 1600
Height To Mounting Surface (in) 8.5
center_thru_hole_diameter_in_english 0.81
B10 Torque Capacity (in-lb) 2825
Maximum Inertia Load at 60 indexes per minute (lb-in² x 1000) 79
Maximum Inertia Load at 30 indexes per minute (lb-in² x 1000) 156
output_radial_capactiry_n_metric 12015
Mounting Surface Diameter (mm) 108.0
Output Radial Capacity (N) 12015
Maximum Torque (Nm) 374
Maximum Inertia Load at 60 indexes per minute (kgm² x 1000 ) 0.023
Center Distance (mm) 108.0
Center Thru Hole Diameter (mm) 20.6
height_t0_mounting_surface_mm_metric 215.9
center_thru_hole_diameter_mm_metric 20.6
center_distance_mm_metric 107.95
Maximum Torque (Nm) 374
Height To Mounting Surface (mm) 215.9
output_overturning_moment_capacity_nm_metric 1.697
B10 Torque Capacity (Nm) 319
Internal Inertia (kgm²) 0.0073
Maximum Inertia Load at 30 indexes per minute (kgm² x 1000 ) 0.046
Imperial or Metric Product Imperial
Output Thrust/Axial Capacity (N) 7120
Output Overturning Moment Capacity (Nm) 1.697
Internal Inertia (kgm²) 0.0073
mounting_surface_diameter_mm_metric 107.95
output_thrust_axial_capacity_n_metric 7120
b10_torque_capacity_nm_metric 319
Index Period (deg) 330
Base Model 425RD8H32-330
Smart Number Motion Spec E
Accuracy (arcsec) ±47
Product Function Rotary Positioning
Output Flange
Motion ms
Repeatability (arcsec) ±12
Family RD
Stops 8
Product Series 425RD
Product Type Flange Output
Series 425RD