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The CAMCO RSD Rotary Servo Drive is a zero-backlash, cam-actuated drive compatible with industry-standard servo motors for precise control, efficiency and flexibility.


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center_distance_in_english 4.1338582677
Output Thrust/Axial Capacity (lb) 2270.0
Height To Mounting Surface (in) 5.7
output_overturning_moment_capacity_inlb_english 3180.0
height_t0_mounting_surface_in_english 5.688976378
mounting_surface_diameter_in_english 7.0
output_radial_capactiry_lb_english 910.0
center_thru_hole_diameter_in_english 3.0
Output Radial Capacity (lb) 910.0
Center Thru Hole Diameter (in) 3.0
Mounting Surface Diameter (in) 7.0
Output Overturning Moment Capacity (in-lb) 3180.0
Center Distance (in) 4.1
output_thrust_axial_capacity_lb_english 2270.0
mounting_surface_diameter_mm_metric 177.8
Output Thrust/Axial Capacity (N) 10109.0
center_distance_mm_metric 105.0
Mounting Surface Diameter (mm) 177.8
output_radial_capactiry_n_metric 7470.0539686718
output_thrust_axial_capacity_n_metric 10109.311740891
center_thru_hole_diameter_mm_metric 76.2
Height To Mounting Surface (mm) 144.5
Imperial or Metric Product Metric
Output Radial Capacity (N) 7470.0
Center Thru Hole Diameter (mm) 76.2
Output Overturning Moment Capacity (Nm) 359.0
output_overturning_moment_capacity_nm_metric 359.0
Center Distance (mm) 105.0
height_t0_mounting_surface_mm_metric 144.5
Product Type Flange Output
Series 115RSD
PublishedDate 1715883074000
Accuracy (arcsec) ±30
Family RSD
DistributorGroup Camco Indexers & Conveyors
Product Series 115RSD
Product Function Rotary Positioning
Output Flange
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