DESTACO Develops Manual Swing Clamp Series

Innovative clamping solution combines best features of pneumatic swing clamps and straight line action clamps to create a low-cost option for fixture builders

Aug 05th, 2020 | Tags: Destaco In The News - Global
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Auburn Hills, Michigan (August 5, 2020) – DESTACO is pleased to announce that it has developed a new line of patent-pending Manual Swing Clamps. This new family of clamps combines two existing DESTACO technologies to create an easy-to-use option for fixture building/testing, welding and assembly operations in the industrial, aerospace and automotive markets.

“The development of our new Manual Swing Clamp series comes as a result of customer requests for a less-expensive clamp that can be manually operated without the need for any air,” said Matt Girand, Destaco’s Vice President & General Manager, Americas and Global Automation. “Taking these requests to heart, we have combined the best features of our existing pneumatic swing clamp and straight line action clamp products to fashion a new, manually actuated solution that will give our customers another powerful tool to assist them with their most demanding workholding applications.” 

Specifically, the Manual Swing Clamps are a combination of Destaco’s 8200 Series Pneumatic Swing Clamps, which provide quick swing-and-clamp movement for increased productivity, and the 6004 Series Straight Line Action Clamps, which can be locked in two positions to enable either push or pull operation.

The new Manual Swing Clamps feature an enclosed cam track and can clamp and lock in both retract and extend positions. They also feature a detent that holds the clamp in the open position in order to prevent unwanted movement. Future versions will offer Destaco’s Toggle Lock Plus™, which locks the handle in both open and closed positions. 

To learn more about any of Destaco’s high-performance automation, workholding or remote-handling solutions, please call (888) Destaco (888-337- 8226).


DESTACO, a Stabilus expert brand, is a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance automation, workholding and remote-handling solutions. The company serves customers in a variety of end-markets, including the automotive, life sciences, consumer packaged goods, aerospace, industrial and nuclear sectors.

Built on a legacy of more than 100 years, Destaco offers a comprehensive portfolio of products designed to engineer precise movement, placement and control solutions that drive productivity and uptime for manufacturers around the world.The Destaco family of products consists of industry-leading brands such as Destaco Manual Clamps, Power Clamps, and End Effectors; Camco™ and Ferguson™ Indexers; Robohand™ Grippers; and CRL™ Manipulators and Transfer Ports. 

Destaco is based in Auburn Hills, Michigan, U.S.A. The company has more than 800 employees with 13 locations, in 9 countries, across the Americas, Europe and Asia.



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