How To Select The Right Destaco Manual Clamp

This guide will help you select the right manual clamp to accomplish your job. Destaco distributor personnel, as well as Destaco's engineering department, are qualified and willing to offer assistance in special or unusual applications. For most ordinary applications, however, consideration of the following points will lead to the proper clamp selection! Contact our clamping experts to share your application requirements or browse our entire clamping catalog.


List Your Application Requirements

  • Uniformity of part size (Should you consider a spring-loaded spindle to compensate for uneven parts?
  • Holding capacity required
  • Strength and dexterity of the operator
  • Operator’s position (Should you use horizontal or vertical handle models?)
  • Frequency of operation (Should you plan for a temporary or permanent fixture?)
  • Time cycle of operation (Should you consider a turntable or conveyor set-up if curing time is required?)
  • Cycling time and sequence (Should you consider air-operated models that can be operated faster and in sequence?)
  • Environment (Should you consider stainless steel, aluminum or lightweight composite models?)

Visualize Your Processing Applications

Remember, the same toggle action force multiplying principle can be applied to other tasks besides holding. Certain Destaco models can be used to position parts, power fixtures or perform mechanical functions such as piercing sheet metal, staking rivets or locating.

Do You Have An OEM Application?

Destaco clamps provide ready-made, compact devices for moving or holding components. A little imagination will often show the product designer a way to obtain motion or locking force with no tooling costs and often at less cost than custom designed components. Thousands of Destaco clamps will be found installed as original equipment for cleanout door latches, wheel locks, positioning devices, etc.


What Are Your Safety Concerns?

Our concern is not only the constant high quality of our products, but also their fail-safe and foolproof handling. The knowledge gathered since 1936 guarantees a developed, safe and high-quality clamping unit. A certain clamping force will be necessary to safely hold a part.

This force is determined by taking the following into account:

  • the part material: such as, steel, wood, plastic or glass, etc.
  • the surface finish of the part: such as, polished,hard or soft, etc.
  • the machining or assembly operation: such as, milling, welding, drilling, bonding, joining or sealing a mold, etc.

In order to ensure clamp strength is not compromised, use all the mounting holes provided. Red handle grips are provided on each model. Users should only locate their hand in this area when operating the clamp, thus reducing the possibility of injury.

  1. Patented Safety Feature - This safety link prevents accidental injury to an operator when opening the clamp.
  2. Safety Distance - Exclusive handle design gives more hand clearance between bar and handle when clamp is in fully open position.
  3. Safety Catch - Handle or clamping arm on our Destaco ®Toggle Lock Plus Clamps lock in the open or closed position.

How to Find the Most Suitable Manual Clamp

Along with the type of fixture - it's important to consider your required holding capacities, the size of conditions in/around the fixture, and the desired action needed by your clamp to perform the required task.



Straight Line Action Clamps

  • Forward movement of handle pushes plunger into forward position
  • Can be push/pull clamp, locking in two positions
  • Holding capacity 100 - 16,000 lbs.

Horizontal, Manual Hold-Down Clamps

  • Very low profile
  • Handle is horizontal in the clamped position
  • Holding capacity 60 - 1,000 lbs.
  • Opening angle between 90° and 105°

Vertical, Manual Hold-Down Clamps

  • Handle is vertical in clamped position
  • Holding capacity 100 - 5,000 lbs.
  • Opening angle between 65° and 215°


Manual Latch Clamps

  • Convenient one-hand operation due to the patented thumb control lever
  • Compact models
  • Holding capacity 200 - 7,500 lbs.

Squeeze Action Manual Clamps

  • Flexible clamping and fixturing
  • Also equipped with quick release lever
  • Holding capacity 100 - 2,000 lbs.

Contact us today to share your application goals with our team of experts!

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