Destaco’s VC-F Series of micro, round flatfoot vacuum cups are used on moderately flat to medium contour, dry surfaces.


Vacuum Cup

ARV® - the original, patented Auto-Release Venturi offers users the fastest vacuum and blow-off in the industry with single line operation, integrated blowoff and built-in exhaust silencer. The ARV Vacuum Gripper mounts directly to all 10kg ISO 9409-50 robots. An optional vacuum sensor ensures that the part is properly gripped by the ARV Vacuum Gripper.

  • For relatively flat surfaces.
  • Dry to moderate oily/slippery surfaces.
  • Low Compression distances.
  • Higher precision applications.
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Weight (lb) 0.22
Cup Size 1.18 in
Max Payload (lb) 5.63
Weight (oz) 0.2
Diameter (in) 1.26
Weight (g) 6.2
Diameter (mm) 32.0
Weight (kg) 6.2
Cup Size 30 mm
Max. Payload (kg) 2.55
PublishedDate 1678016170738
Holding Capacity - Vertical Lift (lbf) 5.63
Mount 1/8 G Female
Material Nitrile
Shape Round
Product Type Micro Flat
Durometer A50 (Black)
Used With Model/Series CPI-VSA-ARVS-5-U18
Holding Capacity - Vertical Lift (kg) 2.55
cad_url_button /assets/cad-drawings/product/spr10-step-files/VC-F30N-18M.STEP
Product Function Robotic Tooling
Product Series ARV Vacuum Grippers
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