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DESTACO has been supporting the automotive industry since 1915. Starting out as a contract partner for simple punching work on automotive panels, DESTACO has built a legacy as a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance and complex automation solutions.

With the targeted expansion of electromobility, the entire industry is facing new upheavals in research and development, and especially in production. A lack of experience, coupled with the desire for the maximum possible variability in quantity planning, represent the greatest challenges for OEMs and plant constructors when designing production and assembly systems.

DESTACO is responding to this by offering flexible assembly and automation solutions in all stages of expansion. All components can be coordinated with each other to match the market and product situation. As a result, our customers profit: Major frictional losses and time delays in production are reduced even further, with planning uncertainties specifically counteracted.


Automating Tomorrow: DESTACO - Automation Solutions for Electromobility

Whether products or solutions for manual workstations similar to small production companies or for flexible and adaptive series production - DESTACO automation solutions are already accompanying the production of the future today.

Hydraulic, pneumatic and electric clamping systems are used for a range of clamping, gripping and positioning applications in the production of electric vehicles or components.

DESTACO Indexing Solutions demonstrate their many advantages in the production of battery modules in particular. Camco Rotary Indexers and Servo-Positioners from DESTACO, for example, ensure the cycle-controlled production of small and heavy battery components in regular operations.

Camco Precision Link Conveyors from DESTACO guarantee the rapid planning, design and commissioning of flexible production systems. Depending on the customer’s or market requirements, individual, continuous, asynchronous or stacked movement sequences can be carried out in production.

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DESTACO’s Answers to the Mobility of Tomorrow at a Glance:

  • The broad portfolio of products and solutions for the demands of modern production and manufacturing systems
  • Flexible, coordinated automation and assembly solutions in all stages of expansion as the response to variable cycle lengths and a flexible line
  • Demand and results-oriented analyses for specific tasks

DESTACO automation solutions for CO₂ reduction in production can also be found here. (Green Production)

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