More than 20% of the world's CO₂ emissions are produced by the processing industry and are therefore significantly higher than those of the transport sector. This accounts for 14% of the world’s CO2 consumption.

Companies will therefore need to tackle the problem of greenhouse gas reduction much more proactively, especially on the background of constantly toughening legal regulations.

DESTACO is accompanying this road towards “green production” with efficient automation solutions. The goal: To bring cost-effectiveness and sustainability into harmony.

CO₂ Reduction through DESTACO Automation Solutions

Great potential lies in the substitution of compressed air, which is still the most widespread energy source in industry and trade. Around 7% of the industrial electricity consumption in Germany is spent on this.

With a broad portfolio of electrically operated assembly and automation solutions, DESTACO already offers answers for more efficiency in production.

The maintenance-free, electric Robohand grippers from DESTACO offer lower maintenance costs, lower noise, greater reliability, is faster to install and to operate, and expel fewer contaminants into the environment compared to conventional pneumatic grippers.

DESTACO's electric pivot units combine energy and weight savings in a compact housing.

With the EcoCup™, DESTACO has the first electrically actuated vacuum aspirator available on the market. Equipped with ecoSmart technology, this aspirator can be used for a variety of “pick and place” applications.

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