Electric Parallel Grippers

DPE Series Electric Parallel Grippers

Electric, 2-Jaw Parallel Grippers Tested for 20+ Million Cycles – DPE Series

As easy as a pneumatic gripper to control and operate, these electric parallel grippers are plug and play with no programming, tuning or adjusting required. The units only 3W required, can be driven directly by most PLC’s without a separate power supply, and can be battery driven for remote applications. They offer 20+ million cycles with zero maintenance! This higher reliability eliminates down time and offers the lowest cost of ownership or any gripper – pneumatic or electric. The built-in electronics are sealed within the gripper, and there’s no external control board needed. 4-pin/wire control cable sold separately. 24 VDC, 4-wire input: power, ground, open and closed signals. 100% duty cycle for high throughput.

Markets: AerospaceAutomotiveFood and PackagingConsumer Goods

Applications: Fixturing and Testing, Plastic injection molding

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