Precision Link Conveyors

DESTACO Precision Link Conveyors provide designers and engineers with a multiple-station chassis for the assembly of more complicated products. Lengths from 3 feet to 40 feet, with link pitch of 3, 4.5 or 6 inches, areavailable to suit any requirement. DESTACO offers three types of Precision Link Conveyors.

Each provides a range of features and benefits

CAMCO Precision Link Conveyors

Combining excellent accuracy with high load capacity to provide the versatility needed to meet virtually any automated assembly or manufacturing challenge. Offered in table top, modular table top, and heavy-duty versions, the Precision Link’s roller bearings and precision ground cam followers ensure smooth transfer and long life. The conveyor's link size ranges from 2 inches (Table Top) to 12 inches (Heavy-Duty), and standard conveyor lengths from 3 feet to 40 feet, are designed to meet most application requirements.

Modular Table Top Precision Link

Enables designers and end users to design a built-to-order conveyor to a custom length using 18-inch modules. Tapped holes along the length of the conveyor receive custom or standard tooling plates and an open backbone allows electrical, pneumatic and mechanical components to pass through the conveyor. Central and offset jackshafts can be added easily.

Heavy-Duty Precision Link

Can be customized for specialized in-line automatic assembly operations, including:

  • Conveyor length
  • Index distance and motion
  • Link fixture mounting pattern
  • Tooling plate configuration
  • Line shaft configuration
  • Support base design
  • Drive package components
  • Drive package arrangement


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